When it comes to making an entry into a foreign country, both apostille and attestation play a vital role. You have to get all your documents and certificates either apostilled or attested to make them genuine for visa application or other usages in the country you want to go to. The attestation services depend entirely on the country you want to go to. If you plan to visit the nation that is Hague Convention member then you have to get your documents apostilled not attested.  If you are visiting some other country then you have to get all your documents attested. Reading further you will get to know more about apostille and attestation.

Alright, so now you know that if you want to go to abroad, you have to get your documents and certificates either attested and apostilled. However, do you know why is it crucial to get this done? Previously, only original documents were needed for all purposes such as business set up, employment and education, among other things. Within no time, people took this thing for granted and started using fake documents and certificates to get an admission or job in a foreign nation. The problem surfaced when such people were not able to put forward they have shown – they lacked skills and knowledge. This is exactly why all foreign countries made attestation and apostille for documents mandatory. Here you will get to know about what is attestation and apostille of certificates.

Attestation refers to the process of verifying documents by a designated department, an authority or an office that has been enforced by the government using their official signature and seal. The process of document and certificates attestation is done to ensure the genuineness of the certificate and validates that it was issued from a legitimate authority or institution. This is what the government of the country you want to go requires. They have to ensure that the credentials submitted by a candidate are real and original. There are different certificate attestation procedures on the basis of the type of the document and the country you are going.

The Apostille refers the process of legalising and validating the type of attestation that is accepted in nations that have signed the Hague treaty. Every certificate that are issued from the home country are mandatory that it should undergo apostille processes if you are planning to visit some Hague Convention nations. Nations such as Germany, USA, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, UK etc…have signed the Hague treaty. Thus, if you want to go to any of these nations then you need apostille and not attestation for your certificates and documents. This makes the certificates valid even if it is not authenticated by the Embassy of that country. In addition, this procedure is less time consuming than attestation. This treaty makes a nation bound to accept document that has been validated by the apostille office of the home nation of the other country.

To make the apostille attestation process simple and hassle-free, you can look forward to hire the services provided by attestation agencies. Whether it is apostille attestation in Delhi, India or any part of the country, professional attestation agencies can help you complete it within the shortest time. So, start with the apostille attestation process and move to the country for better and promising career.  

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