When it comes to travelling abroad, there are so many formalities that you have to complete.  The entire idea of relocating to a new country brings along new hops and desires. Whether it is a job or an admission in a foreign land, you need to start with certain processes immediately. Instead of wondering and day-dreaming, make sure you start gathering information related to the attestation process of the country you want to move to. Each nation is different so are the steps involved in attestation of documents and certificates.  Finding the detailed information of HRD attestation in Delhi is a must to make your travel easy and hassle-free.

The role of HRD, Human Resource Development, holds great importance in the attestation process. The educational documents and certificates are attested by this department. Be it certificate or degree from a college, university, medical and paramedical institution or any other educational body – HRD attests them. Attestation of educational certificates and documents is done to make sure the papers or documents submitted by an individual are original and authentic. The documents attested by HRD are then attested by Ministry of External Affairs. Apart from GAD – General Administration Department, HRD, Indian States Home, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Foreign Embassy or Consulate of the concerned nation attest the documents.

Such certificates and documents issued from India are used in the another country. They are used for several purposes such as for visiting the relatives or vacationing, pursuing higher studies or for employment in a foreign country. Visiting abroad means you need to complete all such formalities by following the right steps. HRD attestation of documents should be done with great care. For travelling to abroad, you would need (Memorandum of Understanding) MoU in addition with the HRD attestation of certificates and documents.

There are other things also you need to make your travel hassle-free. For instance, you need to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the school, university or the company you are working with saying that they have no objection about the person leaving the nation and visiting another country for personal reasons. Those who have criminal record find it extremely difficult to get a permission to leave the nation. Whether it is for personal or official reason, permanent or temporary, you cannot leave the country until you get a green signal to travel abroad.

Make sure that the documents you have to get attested are accurate and in proper order. Even if you choose to avail the services provided by professional attestation agencies, it is the responsibility of the person to submit correct and original certificates. In case, any government department, body or consulate found any of the certificate or document to be fraud or duplicate, prepare yourself for serious implications. Whether you are seeking HRD attestation in Delhi, you can think of hiring the services provided by professional attestation agents and agencies. HRD attestation is compulsory if you are seeking a job abroad. So, start with the attestation process as soon as you get confirmation of the job or admission abroad.


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