The importance of HRD attestation is second to none. if you are planning to travel abroad then you have to get all your documents certificates attested from HRD. It is done on the state level by the authorities or personnel of the HRD ministry at the state level. It is a time-consuming, tedious and complex procedure. The best way to make this entire process simple and hassle-free is by counting on the services provided by professional attestation agencies like Unique Attestation. We make sure that entire process is completed within the stipulated time.

HRD Attestation – What is it?

Human Resource Department plays a crucial role in the document attestation process. You have to get the stamp or seal of the HRD ministry on the respective documents and certificates. This is largely done for educational documents like degree or certificate issued by the educational board, school, university or college. This is done by the state government’s HRD ministry. It is the legalization procedure performed to prove the authenticity of the documents and certificates. The stamp on a document or certificate proves the authenticity of documents.

HRD Attestation for Degree Certificate

It is a mandatory attestation that is done for educational certificates when you have to travel in a foreign country. A person has to get degree certificate legalization along with other educational documents to make foreign travel hassle-free. In India, it is needed to prove the legitimacy of your educational certificates to the authorities of the respective nation you are going.

What is the need for HRD Attestation?

It is usually needed when you are planning to go to a foreign nation for employment or educational purposes to prove the authenticity of your certificates in their nation and also to apply for employment visa, student visa or work visa. Educational certificate verification is mandatory.  It proves that your documents are legal to the authorities of the respective nation, the requirements for it might vary from nation to nation and the purpose of visiting that country. 

 How to get HRD Attestation done?

The whole process of HRD attestation to get a stamp on documents can be hectic and lengthy. It can consume a lot of time. There is no doubt that counting on the services provided by attestation agencies can make the entire process simple and hassle-free.  Unique Attestation is one of the most preferred and reliable names known for providing authentic services. We maintain transparency in the entire process. You can get in touch with us by simply filling the online form.

HRD Attestation Process

In This type of attestation process, you have to acquire the verification from the local authorities and university verification before reaching to the Ministry. Mentioned below are the steps for HRD attestation process:

  • Certificate Verification

This is an essential part of the educational certificate legalization and is mandatory prior to get HRD authentication. It is the primary level of authentication of documents done by the university from where the respective certificates were issued.

  • HRD Attestation

The next step is getting the certificate from the Human Resource Department or the State Department. The department is only responsible for attesting educational certificates and documents according the embassy requirement.

Duration for HRD Attestation

The time it takes to get HRD Attestation done varies and depends on several factors such as the state from where you applied for it, type of university verification required, your service provider and the type of documents you want to get attested. Usually, it takes nearly fifteen to twenty five days however it can extend up to a few more weeks or more than a month.

Cost to get HRD Attestation Done

The cost to get HRD attestation done varies and depends on several factors. It differs from city to city and state to state. Other factors that affect fee are the university or college the certificate or document is concerned with, the location of issuance, etc. however, the cost also depends on other factors such as delivery of the documents on a urgent basis and pick-up services. You can get it touch with us to get the best deals.

AT Unique Attestation, we endeavour to make the attestation process simple and hassle-free. For reliable, efficient and fast services, contact us.

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