When you plan to visit a foreign nation for residency, employment, to do business or for study, you have to make sure that your documents and certificates are legalized from the embassy. It is an inevitable process and followed for nations that are not part of the Apostille Hague Convention. The legalization of documents is provided by a consulate or embassy who has the authorization to provide the attestation sticker or stamp on the certificate. The embassy attestation services provided by professionally managed attestation agencies can help you complete legalization faster.

What is Embassy Attestation?

It means getting the stamp from the embassy. It is done by the embassy of the nation you want to move to. It is a legalization process for verifying the genuineness of a company or a person. The process is performed after the verification from the Ministry of External Affairs is completed. the certificate or document that is received by the consulate or embassy is stamped by the MEA which previously was validated by state government departments.

Why is Embassy Attestation Needed?

The primary requirement is to authenticate the necessary certificates and documents with a sticker or stamp from the embassy. It helps in proving the credibility of the certificates to the authority that make them admissible in the nation. The significance is that it ensures the concerned company or individual is legal and has good intention for obtaining a resident visa, expanding the business, employment visa or student visa in the country.  The procedure is done by the respective authorized officials.

Embassy Attestation Services

Before moving to the respective embassy for the attestation of documents and certificates, it is important to understand its significance. An embassy is an organization that is located in a nation however is not a part of the native government. It maintains the link between the two countries by taking care of some affairs such as visas, taxes, and law-related problems. the officials or personnel working at an embassy usually are not from the residing country but from the nation to which the embassy or consulate belongs to.

Embassy authentication requirements and services differ from nation to nation. Given that the certificate and document authentication are sensitive processes, there is no room for any type of errors, thus it should be done under the expert professionals. the procedure starts at the notary and goes through many re-verification at different levels of authorities prior to the final embassy verification.    The embassy attestation services play a vital role as we make the entire process easy and quick for you.

How to get Embassy Attestation in India?

To make attestation of documents and certificates in India easy and simple, you can look forward to counting on the attestation services provided by Unique Attestation. We have contacts in the government organizations and thus strive to complete the task swiftly. We have branches across the country. We are a customer-oriented agency that assures your comfort allowing you to experience the entire task of attestation without any unnecessary delay or hassle. We provide pick-up and drop facilities. You do not have to put in additional efforts. Just fill in the details mentioned on the form on our website rest we would take care.

Procedure for Embassy Attestation

We are one of the leading attestation service providers. We can help you with different types of attestation. Be it personal documents, commercial or educational documents, we can help you get them attested. Marriage certificate, birth certificate attestation are the types of services that are included in the personal document type category. Educational documents comprise of degree certificate and school leaving certificate. Your business documents such as company profile and bill invoices are verified and counted among commercial documents. The general procedure is described below.

Regional Level

It is the first stage of the document attestation process. This type of legalization can be done by the University or Notary from where the documents were issued, according to the requirement or from the Chamber of Commerce if there are commercial documents.

State Level

The legalization of certificates and documents from the state is done by three different departments according to the necessity of the document and certificate type. These departments are the SHD (State Home Department), HRD (Human Resource Department), and the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate).  SDM is independent of the state government, but, the verification is done by this authority is equivalent to the state level.


Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the last stage of the authentication from the Home Department after which an MEA sticker or stamp is applied to the certificate or document. MEA is the central organization that deals with foreign affairs of the nation and chooses a minister every five years.


Embassy attestation is done by the officials of the country the certificates and documents are being certified and legalized for. It is the final step of the verification and legalization for most countries after the MEA.

So, if you are looking for Embassy Attestation procedure then Unique Attestation can help you in completing it without any unnecessary delay.


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