Kuwait Embassy Attestation in India

Kuwait has emerged as one of the most resourceful nations with promising opportunities in every field. Grabbing on one such opportunity can change the life of a person. Certificate and document attestation from Kuwait Embassy is a mandatory part of the document verification procedure. To get the attestation done systematically, you should rely on the services provided by an attestation agency like Unique Attestation. We make sure that your documents and certificates for Kuwait are attested timely.

Kuwait Embassy Attestation – What is it?

The embassy is a foreign government department located in another country so that different matters can be conducted with ease. Kuwait embassy attestation is the process of obtaining the attestation sticker or stamp from Kuwait Embassy for diverse types of documents you have, be it – commercial, personal or educational, for the specific purpose of your visit to the nation. It is done after the final legalization of the Ministry of External Affairs. The documents and certificates are processed differently on the basis of the initial levels of legalization and their type.

Need for Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Embassy functions independently of the government it is based in. For several reasons, the most common is attaining certificate and document legalization for Kuwait Visa for purposes such as residence visa, employment visa, work visa for immigration. Certificate and document verification is necessary for a student visa and work visa. Also, it is done for residential purposes and foreign businesses. The process is performed for proving the reliability and authenticity of your documents and genuineness of the purpose of your traveling to that country so that the concerned country personnel can grant you your needs.

How to get Embassy Attestation for Kuwait?

The best way to get certificate authentication for Kuwait is by counting on the services provided by attestation agents and agencies. You must look for an experienced, reliable and expert service provider by checking reviews and feedback online. Unique Attestation’s Kuwait Embassy Attestation services not only have the best of facilities for timely and genuine verification but also you will face no hurdle or problem during the process. No matter whether it is your commercial, educational or personal documents, we can help you in Kuwait Embassy Attestation. Keeping your convenience into consideration, we also provide pick-up and drop services.

Procedure for Kuwait Embassy Attestation

The process of Kuwait’s attestation starts at the certification by local authorities. The authentication of documents is mandatory which can be accessed by obtaining certification from all respective secretariats. The process is done by Notary, Home Department or HRD, SDM at times, MEA and the respective embassy of the country you want to visit. The basic process for document and certificate legalization from Kuwait Embassy is mentioned below:

Regional Level

It is the first level of the certificate verification process. This type of verification and validation of documents can be performed by the University or the Notary from where the certificates were issued, from the chamber of commerce if commercial documents are involved, or as per the requirement.

State Government

When it comes to the authentication of certificates and documents from the state, it has to be carried out by three different departments as per the requirement of the certificate type. These organizations are the SHD – State Home Department, HRD – Human Resource Department, and the SDM – Sub-Divisional Magistrate. SDM is independent of the state government, however, the verification done by this authority is considered at the state level.

MEA Sticker or Stamp

Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, is the last level of authentication from the home government. Once documents are verified by the MEA, a stamp is applied to them. It is the central organization that is responsible for dealing with the foreign matters of the nation.

Embassy Attestation

It is done by the authorities of the country you want to go to. It is the final and last step of the certification for most countries after the attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Requirements for Kuwait Embassy Attestation

For the attestation of documents for Kuwait, a credible and complete set of documents and certificates is needed for the verification by the concerned officials. The documents needed, however, depending on the purpose. Here are the common documents needed for Kuwait Embassy Attestation.

  • Passport Copy
  • Original Documents

Days needed for Kuwait Embassy Attestation

There is a long list of certificates and documents that you have to get attested to. The time needed depends on several factors, for example, the kind of documents, the country for which you need to get documents attested, or the organization or department you need it. Usually, it takes fifteen to twenty days to complete the process. The duration period would still be affected by different aspects referred to previously.

Charges for certificate attestation from Kuwait Embassy

When it comes to the Kuwait attestation fee, it varies from state to state. Also, it would be commissioned by the urgency of the requirement along with where the documents were received. The charges can be high or low if HRD attestation is involved as well and could still differ with the additional services such as attestation of certificates and documents with pick-up and drop facility.

If you are looking for Kuwait Embassy attestation services then look no beyond. We can help you throughout the process. With our experience and expertise, we make sure that the entire Kuwait Embassy Attestation process is completed within the stipulated time.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA):

After Attesting from Kuwait Embassy from which the documents are issued it has to be attested from MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the Kuwait Country. MoFA is a process which has to be carried out from Kuwait which can be done on a request for an extra cost.

We provide below listed certificates for Qatar Embassy Attestation

List of Educational Certificate for Attestation

  • UG degree certificate attestation
  • PG degree certificate attestation
  • Diploma degree certificate attestation
  • PhD degree certificate attestation
  • Engineering degree certificate attestation
  • Medical degree certificate attestation
  • Management degree certificate attestation
  • Hotel management certificate attestation
  • Law degree certificate attestation
  • Technical degree certificate attestation
  • Professional degree certificate attestation

List of Non-Educational (Personal) Certificate for Attestation

  • Foreign Affairs (FA) Attestation/Legalization
  • Salary Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate (TC) Attestation
  • Equivalence Certificate
  • Death Certificate Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Experience/ Employment Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Single Status Certificate Attestation
  • Ministry of education department attestation
  • Ministry of health department attestation
  • Ministry of Justice attestation
  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • Labour department attestation

We make sure that documents and certificates provided by are kept safe and confidential. Hiring our services lets you get attestation done in the simplest and quickest possible way. Owing to our experience in attestation process, you can be assured of timely attestation.

Supporting Documents required

  • Original Document
  • Passport copies (Front & Back)
  • 2 Photograph

Fees & Charges:

  • For Educational Document/Certificate Embassy Fees ₹1,800* per document.
  • For Non-educational Document/Certificate Embassy Fees ₹1,800* per document.
  • For Commercial Document e.g. Agreement, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Origin, etc. embassy charges starting from ₹6,500* per document.

* Mention fees & charges only for embassy only & depends on exchange rate & embassy rules.


12-15 business days to complete this process. (Excluding Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Kuwait Embassy,Address

Marg Tenzing, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi, Delhi (state) 110021,

Consulate Of Kuwait,Address

Ground Floor, No. 120,
Vaswani Mansions, Dinsha Vachha Road,
Opp K.C College, Churchgate, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400020, India

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