MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs is the authority of the central government that authenticates the certificate and document issued from India. It is a necessary attestation process for all types of certificates and documents. Completing the process of MEA in India can be time-consuming and challenging however with the indulgence of an experienced and reputed attestation agency, it becomes a lot easier to get it done.

MEA Attestation – An Introduction

Ministry of External Affairs plays a crucial role in document attestation process. The stamp and signature of the MEA personnel means your documents are legal to be used in the foreign country. The central department deals with the external affairs that is anything related to foreign nations, thus when you look for certificate legalization in India, it is mandatory to get your documents verified from the MEA. Unless MEA attestation is done, genuineness of your documents cannot be proved.

Why is MEA attestation required?

MEA attestation is needed for several reasons including work, residential and student visa, employing candidates from foreign countries and performing business from a foreign country. It is also needed while applying for the visa and to get an embassy attestation done for the purpose of authentication. Legalization from the central government is for Kuwait, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, etc. is needed on many personal and educational certificates such as degree certificates, birth certificate and marriage certificate etc.

MEA Attestation of Degree Certificate

If you want to study abroad for higher education or want to go for employment purpose, you have to obtain a student visa to proceed further with the process. You have to get educational certificate authentication from the central government that would prove the authenticity of the educational certificates and documents. Before acquiring central level legalization for a degree document, the papers necessitate authentication from the governmental departments such as Notary and HRD.

How to get attestation done from the Ministry of External Affairs?

The  entire process of document legalization can be time-consuming and complex. It can be difficult for an individual to get attestation done. To make the MEA attestation process simple, you can look for the services provided by MEA attestation agencies and agents. Unique Attestation is among the leading attestation agencies that has acquired the reputation of providing attestation services. From the scratch to the end process of verification, we can help you to get an attestation done. Just fill the available form to get in touch with us and rest we will take care.

MEA attestation procedure

Central government certification procedure needs several stages of prior authentication before verifying the documents. The entire process depends on the different types of documents such as commercial, personal and educational. The process is mentioned below:

  • Regional Level

It is the early or initial stage of the authentication process. This level of legalization can be done by the University or Notary from where the document has been issued, from the Chamber of Commerce if there are commercial documents or according to the requirement.

  • State Attestation

The legalization of documents from the state is done by three different organizations according to the necessity of the types of document. These departments are the Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. SDM is independent of the state government but the verification done by this authority is equivalent to the state level.

  • MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of document authentication from the home government. An MEA sticker or stamp indicates that the MEA attestation is done. It is a central organization that deals with the foreign affairs of the nation elects a minister every five years.

How much time it takes to get MEA attestation?

MEA needs a set of documents. The duration of attestation process varies as the documents issued state, the type of papers, or the need to perform authentication. With all these factors into consideration, it might take seven to twelve working days for the MEA attestation of certificates. It might take more time in HRD attestation because it requires university certificate verification too.

MEA attestation Fees

The fees of legalizing documents vary on the basis of the state from which they are issued, the type of document and the location.  The cost can be high or reasonable, however, this cost can get affected by several reasons such as the other add-on services like pick-up and drop facility or urgency of the requirement. For timely MEA attestation services and reasonable cost, contact Unique Attestation services.

Choosing Unique Attestation would help you complete the entire process of document and certificate attestation. We are driven by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who strive to make the entire MEA attestation process simple and hassle-free. Just contact us to know more about MEA attestation process.

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