With an increasing number of people moving to Saudi for better and promising opportunities, the rules and regulations governing the attestation process have become stringent too. Whether you want to do work, business or study in Saudi, you need to get all your documents and certificates attested.

Document and certificate attestation for Saudi is a crucial process that you have to get done to obtain a visa. It is an inevitable part of the verification process that certifies the genuineness and authenticity of a person and his or her certificates and documents. The entire process for Saudi attestation is time-consuming and lengthy. Thus, it is always a better option to get documents and certificates attested from professionals. Unique Attestation is one of the leading and renowned names in the world of attestation and apostille.  We make sure that all your certificates and documents are attested timely without any kind of hurdle or delay.

Saudi Attestation – What is it?

Obtaining an attestation stamp/ seal or signature from Saudi Consulate or Embassy is a legal process that provides proof of authenticity of your certificates and documents. Saudi embassy attestation is all about the certification of documents and certificates that are mandatory to perform business or attain a visa for the same. It is required because it would approve of you as a permissible person or individual.  To get certificates and documents attested, you have to get the related material check at different levels of the government. Only authorized personnel are allowed to attest the certificates.

Why is Saudi Attestation needed?

There are several reasons and purposes for which you need to get your documents and certificates attested to visiting Saudi. Whether you want to apply for a student visa, work visa, residence visa, or for business, attestation of documents and certificates is perhaps the first thing that you have to do. It is a part of affirmation indicating that you are a legitimate company or person who wants to visit Saudi with no ill intentions. It proves and establishes that your documents are true and can be permitted in the nation.

Document and certificate attestation for Saudi

Document and certificate attestation for Saudi includes documents such as commercial documents, personal documents, and educational documents. It is an essential part of security measure that ensures the Saudi government of your reliability and trustworthiness. Besides, it also helps in building trust between the two businessmen or the employer and the employee when you are traveling for business or work. 

Certificate and document attestation for Saudi – How to get it done?

While hunting for attestation service providers, it is recommended that you search for the one that can be trusted. There are certain parameters that an attestation agency has to pass. Be it genuineness or professionalism, the firm should be able to pass through them. Among all options available, Unique Attestation is one name you can count on without having to think twice. We make sure that there is transparency in the attestation process and our clients are updated about every stage of the attestation. only licensed and experienced professionals work with us. We keep our clients at the ‘first’ in all we do. Right from the notary to the embassy, we provide legalization at different levels of authentication of documents.

How long would it take to get Saudi attestation done?

There is a lengthy list of certificates and documents that you have to get attested to. The time required to depend on several aspects such as the type of documents or the organization or department you need it from. Usually, it takes nearly a few weeks to a month for completing the attestation for Saudi.

 How much is the cost for documents and certificate attestation for Saudi?

The certificate and document attestation fee for Saudi varies from state to state. It would also be affected by the priority or urgency of the requirements, the category, and type of the document – commercial, personal or educational, and the place from where the documents were issued. The fee of attestation can be high or moderate if HRD attestation is also involved and differ with additional services such as the legalization of certificates with pick and delivery services.

A glance at the process for your application

Unique Attestation services make several procedures needed periodically much easy ensuring the satisfaction of customers. We strive and ensure to provide legal and precise services by introducing you to the accessible team as well as accommodating service. Just fill in the form with necessary details, upload and submit it. You would soon get contacted by our customer care representatives who will guide you further.

We provide below listed certificates for Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation 

Educational Certificates

  • UG degree certificate attestation
  • PG degree certificate attestation
  • Diploma degree certificate attestation
  • PhD degree certificate attestation
  • Engineering degree certificate attestation
  • Medical degree certificate attestation
  • Management degree certificate attestation
  • Hotel management certificate attestation
  • Law degree certificate attestation
  • Technical degree certificate attestation
  • Professional degree certificate attestation

Non-Educational (Personal) Certificate

  • Foreign Affairs (FA) Attestation/Legalization
  • Salary Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate (TC) Attestation
  • Equivalence Certificate
  • Death Certificate Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Experience/ Employment Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Single Status Certificate Attestation
  • Ministry of education department attestation
  • Ministry of health department attestation
  • Ministry of Justice attestation
  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • Labour department attestation


  • For educational Diploma/Degree/Document certificate ₹7,000* Embassy fee per document
  • For non-educational document/marriage/ birth certificate Embassy Fees/ Rate/ charge ₹5,200* per document/certificate.
  • For commercial Document/Agreement/Power of Attorney/Certificate of Origin certificate Embassy Cost/Fees/Rate Starting from ₹4,500* per certificate/document.

*  This is embassy fee only. It depends on the embassy norms and currency rate.


It normally takes around 30 working days but some time its takes 90-120  working days  for completing the entire Saudi Arabia embassy attestation procedure.


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